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 Welcome! Don't you just love all of purple? *silence* Nevermind, lets just get to the point! Here of course is the disclaimer:

DISCLAIMER: All copyrights of characters and images belong to their respective owners. This page is not for monetial purposes, just for entertainment/creative purposes. All rights reserved to the respective owners.

This where all of the "creative works" are housed. I have mostly stuff written by me,but I hope people will send stuff in. Any kind of fanfiction, poetry, and original works are welcome. (Note: If you send anything with "sensitive" language or situations, please label as such. I don't want any complaints.)I do include some"foul" language in my stuff and some violence, though. But not not a whole lot. There are some "lemon" (sex) stories and I clearly label them in the description of that particular fic. I will update as much as possible. (I ugh have school and other responsibilities to fufill.)

                                    Short Stories
  • Don't You See?(Complete)This is another Dragonball fanfic about my favorite character Vegeta! This story is yet another thought on how Vegeta and Bulma got together. BEWARE this story is not as mushy as other Vegeta and Bulma stories. Sorry but I'm not really good at writing that yet. Besides Vegeta is not really all that romantic anyway.
  • Breath of Fire/Tekken Anime(Complete) A BOF fic taking place in the violent world of Tekken. A young dragon seeks revenge and finds something else instead.

  • A Girl and Her Father(Complete) This is a Dragonball fanfic about Vegeta and Bra's father/daughter relationship. Vegeta and Bra learn a little more about each other during her sixth birthday.
  • Regrets:(Written by Alsirnaya)(Complete) This is a short Breath of Fire III fic about Nina's father and his thoughts and feelings about Nina and what's happened to her.

  • Rika and Chaz:(Complete) A Short Story about Phantasy Star's Rika and Chaz(duh). The story is about their budding relationship as they take a day off in Aiedo.
    Remember Me This Way: (Written By A) (Complete) A short Suikoden songfic about Jowy and his feelings for his best friend Nehru.
    The Evil Collaborated Yaoi Fic (Complete)(By A and Chibi-Rya) A story about Reborn Again's Albireo Nyxdragon and Breath of Fire's Teepo. Two soceresses summon and enchant them for their amusement. To say the least the boys don't dissapoint them. ^_- (GRAPHIC YAOI!!!) I can't make it anymore obvious. lol
    Fading Away(Complete) A Short Story is about Teepo's last moments with his brothers. Pieces of their shared past is revealed along with renewals of their love and faith in each other. Despite the events that took place minutes before.
    Kawaii Dark Dragon: Albireo Nyxdragon(Complete) A tiny fic about a girl named Rya and the kawaii Albireo. Words and a little bit more will be exchanged before the night is over. (LIME ALERT!!) *waves lime flag*
    Sweet Dreams(By Chibi-Rya and A)(Complete)(A sequel to The Evil Collaborated Yaoi Fic) As the title implies this story is about a sweet dream; Albireo has about his love Teepo. (WARNING!! This fic has graphic yaoi lemon stuff!!)
    Fun Evil Character BashingWould you dare to ask what a weird fanfic author would write about when thinking about two kawaii men(such as Ashley Riot and Sydney Losstarot) are running through the tunnels of Lea Monde? Yaoi and silliness! C'mon now the thought of humor with those men is simply irrestible and a HUMOR SHONEN AI fic must be made. So for your reading pleasure (hopefully) I have written exactly that.
    Loki's Revenge (By Ryu) Hey here is some Breath of Fire III fanfic with lots of laughs...ah yes and Loki too in case you've forgotten. Oh and watch out for some naughty language..personally I think it adds to the fun. Oh well.
    Vagrant Story and the Jerry Springer Show More bad Vagrant Story jokes. More making fun of those silly people. Also I didn't forget to have Ashley and Sydney as a couple. Oh and the Jerry Springer Show. Watch out for bad language and ridiculous violence. Oh yeah don't read if you don't like shonen ai implications too.


    What Did You See In Me? This is a poem describing Jun and Kazuya's possible relationship on Tekken 2. In Kazuya's point of view. Based upon another's fanfic Ying and Yang. (Tekken fanfic page found in links page. hint,hint!)
    The Angel Of Death DeterredA poem about about Gundam Wing's Heero and Relena. This poem describes Heero and Relena's feelings when the milatary invaded her school and he was forced to protect her.
    If There Could Be Love A couple of what ifs here... To start with what if Vagrant Story has yaoi implications? What if Sydney Losstarot would allow himself to feel the pangs of love? And perchance these feelings were for Ashley Riot? Well then here we a poem about these wonderful lil what ifs. ^_^
    The Endless Walk With Life and Death Fou-lu (Breath of Fire 4) is a lost and bitter soul, what happened to his hope and pride? A God isn't supposed to feel, yet he could every bit of pain and kindness. And what he felt is captured in this lil poem (hopefully), the feelings that drove him mad.

                                                                 Novel Stories
  • The Long Battle Continues:(Incomplete)A Breath of Fire III Fanfic. Thousands of years after Myria trouble is starting again. Will the new generation end it? Are they even willing to end it?(This my very first fanfic! The background was created by my good friend Mieu Sedai! She is also hosting it on her page. Check out Mieu Sedai's Reality for MANY Breath of Fire Fanfics)
  • The Legend of Nerasan:(Incomplete) This is a original story. A young girl is forced to dicover her past and new hardships. She is driven from her home and into another dimension, Nerasan. A once beautiful land nearly destroyed by Getabalor's legions. Can she face her new challeges? Or will she end up like the rest before her?
  • XENOGEARS: Rebirth of a Planet (Incomplete)In case you haven't guessed this is a Xenogear fanfic. The world is recovering and rebuilding from past tragedies. Things are settling down for Fei and his friends. Or at least they think so.
  • Reborn Again(Incomplete)(Written by Mieu Sedai)A very long and complicated fanfic taking place in the Breath of Fire World. Even so this is one of the BEST BOF fanfics you will find on the net. This is a very original and interesting story told in realistic style. Everyone should definately take a look!

  • The Story of Frog: From Lowly Peasant to Master Swordsman: (Written by Eeepmon) (Incomplete) This is a Chrono Trigger fanfic about a young peasant's rise to fame. (Ahem, this is a very cool fic, so you better check it out!) It's good even for people that never played the game.
    Love and Lust(Incomplete) What is truly the difference between love and lust? A seemingly simple question can become complicated to a young boy named Teepo when he is pursued by two men, one is his master and creator of the dark world he's in. While the other seeks a humanity he's never had. (WARNING!!! This story contains graphic vampire yaoi scenes and violence.)
    Destiny is NOT Perfect(Incomplete) In the Breath of Fire world life is simple: Ryu our hero kills Myria and marries the princess Nina. Well when the destiny of Ryu and his friends is placed in my hands everything gets screwed up. ^o^ (Warning: There's sexual implications and cussing. :p I'm sure ya'll can handle it ^_-)

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