Go on and leave we don't care.

Dark Siren's Domaine One of my first online buddies dwells here, the atmosphere is dark, the writing contained within is moody and realistic, and I'm sure you will be charmed by her and her dark master Sabati. ^_^

Comic City A great place for Anime information, especially on the most popular series such as Dragonbal, Slayers,Rurouni Kenshin. A great place for a newbie to visit methinks.

Deus ex Machina: The Xenogears Saga: If you are looking for Xenogears fanfics this is the place. There are a lot of cool fanfics along with a interactive Xenogears fanfic (or something like that) Be cautioned tho, this page hasn't been updated for a long time...so I suppose it's good for older Xenogears fanfiction.

Asidian's Crystal Darkness This is the domain of my partner in crime, Ceiti. In her web page she is known as the Angst no miko. ^_^ Her page specializes in Fushigi Yuugi and Trigun fanfiction.

The Filthy Critic Cruel, scathing, and disgusting....wanna hear the hardcore truth about the movie sludge America produces lately? Take a peek and prepare to laugh. ^_^

You guys have to read this original manga, I love it. Basically it's a story about a gay boy that falls in love with the killer hired, by his father >_<, to kill him. Of course there's more it than that. As the author states: "This manga is not about passion, it deals with reality, e.g. Racism, prejudice, closets, drugs, and how these plagues weakens the strong, and kill off the weaks, the "mission" is about the tale of a man who lived" Read it!

A sweet manga about a boy, Riki, that falls in love with Tei (who reminds me so much of Goku from DragonballZ ^^;) who doesn't reciprocate his feelings. It's actually kind of complicated, and there's also cute SD scenes that add humor.

This page is for people that 1) like yaoi 2) like lemony yaoi 3) want lots of it. So if ya fit any of those 'qualities' then check that page out. Also you can post your own lil stories and stare at pics.

If you have been wondering (like me) why the heck is it so hard to find some Vagrant Story shonen fics; well here is the solution. Go to this webpage! There's a sweet fic about my favorite couple, Ashley and Sydney, and some nice fanart too! So quit banging your head on the wall and take a look! ^_^

Cuteness. This webpage is chock full of this... this cuteness. Lots of lil chibi pics and dousjishi. Just gotta love it.

Proud Kazuya Mishima fan